“I joined VSC 6 weeks ago with little knowledge about CrossFit. I always thought it was intimidating, and I wasn’t ever going to be able to do anything like what I’d seen or heard.

But stepping into VSC was nothing like I’d imagined. The support and encouragement from everyone is overwhelming. It’s amazing being able to know and see you’re constantly improving and getting PBs regularly.

The knowledge from Scott is next level. He not only tells you what you have to do but explains why. And constantly corrects your form. I’ve learnt so much, and been able to see how much potential I have in such a small time.

I’d highly recommend VSC to absolutely anyone and everyone.”

Jacqui Hartwell

“In training for an Ironman triathlon, one of the biggest challenges is recovering adequately between training sessions. With most days consisting of morning and afternoon training sessions and extra long sessions on weekends, nutrition and sleep take on extra importance in ensuring you are somewhat fresh and recharged for the next session. During my last IM build I found myself lacking energy and motivation and unable to hit targets I’d previously managed. Susan from VSC Nutrition, analyzed my diet, looking at total calories consumed, macro-nutrient breakdown and timing of meals. Tailoring my diet, to include foods I was happy with, but at the correct quantities, Susan designed an eating plan which resulted in a decrease in body fat, an increase in lean muscle mass and most importantly, the most significant change I’ve ever experienced in energy levels and general well-being.”

“I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to improve their sporting performance.”

Richard Dipane

Rochelle Coverley

“Just over two weeks ago I decided to make an appointment to see Susan (Suze) as my nutrition needed a serious reality check.

Susan (Suze) has provided me an easy to follow and balanced food plan and the tools I needed to start my journey. She has been so professional and has an understanding to what each individual client needs to succeed. Anyone looking at getting more from their nutrition and training, I highly recommend you book an appointment with her ! The results so far have been fast and maintainable!”

“I never thought I’d be able to do CrossFit or anything like it. I always thought it was too hardcore for me and that I wouldn’t be able to do it given a few past injuries. The team at VSC have created a safe space for me to work at my pace, push myself and get involved with a supportive, talented and genuine community of athletes. I’ve been setting goals and achieving them. I’ve been having fun and feeling physically and mentally strong. I’ve been injury free and accomplishing things I never thought possible. Having just moved to the Southwest, I’m so grateful to have found this top notch facility and community in my new home. I love starting my days at VSC and am excited to keep on kicking goals and learning new skills!”

Anna Apache Bearpaw Heifetz

“I decided approximately 4 months ago that the time was nowfor me to do something for myself, that something was to start looking after myself and I needed help to get my nutrition andfitness in the right direction, I felt Suze at VSC was the best to start.

As we all know sometimes life just gets too hard and we don’t always make goodchoices when it comes to nutrition, which is where I was and I wanted and needed to make some changes for me, those changes were being a fitter and healthy Mum, wife, daughter and Nana.

When I first met with Suze about what I wanted she asked me why now, I said I needed help to get myself fit and healthy and I felt I needed to be accountable to someone to keep me on track and focused on my goals.

Suze has been so amazing with her program, I live 3 hours away from Busselton and even though there is a distance, which has never been an issue for doing this nutrition program with Suze through VSC. I check in regular every week with Suze and she gives me great feedback on how I’m going, she is so supportive and encouraging at all times.

I owe so much to Suze, she has guided me into having a great nutrition and exercise balance,

I am accountable to her each week which helps to keep me very focused and keep my goals in sight.

In this program Suze has helped me understand why I need to fuel my body with certain amounts of food types to maintain the balance that I need to achieve my weight lose and fitness.

My journey since joining Suze at VSC with her great nutrition program and advice I can now see the great results in becoming fitter, healthier and losing some kilo’s along the way.

Thanks Suze for joining me on this journey and for all your guidance, advice and encouragement, she is always there with very honest encouragement and words of wisdom for me.

I would highly recommend Suze at VSC for her nutrition and exercise program, her expertise is amazing in all areas of nutrition and fitness, with so much encourage all along the way.”

Marion Hook

Rebecca Brown Testimonial

“I had been doing CrossFit for a number of years before I joined VSC so had a solid idea of what’s on offer out in the CrossFit community. With that in mind I can honestly say VSC offers one of the best facilities around!

My previous training program left me wanting more, feeling unmotivated and didn’t seem to enhance my skills and strength to push me to the next level so I could progress in my CrossFit journey. Since starting at VSC I have noticed a HUGE difference in these areas, I’m hitting numbers I didn’t thing were possible for me, developing capacity in my gymnastic skills and conditioning all areas of my fitness. I believe this is due to the sound knowledge of the coaches who provide expert advice and support through the varying program which focuses on getting the individual results athletes are seeking

My kids have also recently signed up with VSC – one doing the adult classes and the other joining the Strong Groms program. Both are flourishing and loving the coaching, programs on offer and opportunity to try new things in a supportive environment!

The gym provides excellent facilities and equipment, a supportive and friendly community that members are proud to be a part of and an atmosphere that is welcoming and energetic. Whether you are new to CrossFit or an experienced athlete, I completely recommend checking out VSC.”

Rebecca Brown

Describe your lifestyle when you were 148kg!

I was working Monday to Friday and relaxing at the weekends with friends and family.  I was eating all the wrong foods and not exercising.  Eating and drinking whatever I felt like!

How did you feel about yourself?

I was not happy about how I looked or the weight I was carting around, but I Just went along with it?

Did it stop you from doing anything?

Yes, anything physical!

What are the changes you have made since joining VSC?

 I still work Monday to Friday and still relax with friends and family but I now have a routine and an understanding of nutrition.

Your goals are a work in progress, ideal weight, lower body fat %, general wellbeing.  Can you describe the journey so far? 

It’s not always been enjoyable and fun, but the outcome has been. When I started it was so challenging, I could hardly walk up steps, get out the car without hurting, struggled to get up from  the toilet!!!

I started all this because I wanted to get my son into it as he was heading in the same direction as me.  Then realized that I needed to do this too.  The first 3 months was always a mental battle, “should I go”,” can I go”!  Once I got over that hump, I started to look forward to going, not because it was fun but because it was going to help me.  Then upped my training sessions from 2 to 3 x per week.  This when I started to work with Suze, and she encouraged me to up my sessions to 4 x per week then suddenly, I was doing 5 x per week.  I’m now at a stage where I can see my progress, I’m really starting to improve.  I still scale the workouts but 2 days ago I climbed a 15ft rope all the way to the top, I did it 6 times that was after skipping and power cleans at 60kg!   Just before that I pb my front squat from 53kg to 90Kg and there was still more strength in the tank.  I’m also at the stage where I’m really trying to work on form and technique to make the movements easier so that I can lift more weight.

How do you feel when you see the numbers (kg, % and cm’s) shifting?  And how has this impacted your life?

It feels good.  I knew I was way overweight and was unfit and unhealthy but after my first session with Suze, we weighed in, tape measured and those pinchers!!  hit home, in black and white I was obese.

Now It feels like I earnt the success with all my hard work.  I’m also inspired by all the other guys in the gym too, loosing their weight and hitting goals.

I don’t hate shopping for clothes anymore, no more worrying about the shops not having my size.  I’m buying 34’ pants that I haven’t warn since being in the army 30 years ago.

A positive impact has been on my game of golf, I used to struggle to finish a game, now there is no difference in my energy levels between first and last hole and I have a better handicap. 

I also have so much support from wife, she says she can feel my ribs when she cuddles up to me!

At the weekends now I don’t go to VSC but I make sure I walk the dogs, infact I run along the beach and go for a bike ride on Sundays.

I would like this journey to be a positive influence to friends and family.

What advice would you give to someone who is in your position at the start of the year?

Just be honest with yourself, when you wake up and you’re sore and tired because you have done some gardening for a couple of hours and you can’t move for two days, hurting yourself from simple everyday movements. 

If you don’t want change stay as you are if you do want to change don’t do a fad diet because I’ve done them all and they do not work.   The only way to do it, is to eat healthy and do some exercise.  I’m 50! If I can do it you can do it to.  The best thing about it is its all scalable, it’s at your pace in a friendly, safe environment.  No mirrors, no one is posing.  It will help you extend your life and it will extend my life.

What are your goals for the next 12 months?

We have 2 weeks to go until we finish current goal of hitting under 100kg.

After that will set another weight target of 90kg.  Will talk to Scott and set some movement goals, I just got the rope climb but would love a chest to bar pull up. 

I just want to maintain and keep building with the momentum that I’ve got.

What’s your favorite meal these days?

A good steak with veggies

Your favorite drink?


Your favorite movement?

Anything with a barbell

Anything you would like to add?

Thank you both, you have literally prolonged my life.  Really can’t thank you enough.  Looking forward to continuing the momentum, who knows what this time next year will look like.

Jason Lane

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