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As a strength and Conditioning facility, we program fitness that can be translated into everyday life, whilst moving you toward your fitness goals. Come and find like-minded people who are passionate about leading a healthy, fit lifestyle.  A gym is great, but a gym with a community is the ultimate. As part of our community you will be invited along to in-house events, seminars, functions and to join us at our Cities big events. At the VSC we are passionate about supporting other local businesses and events. You will definitely see us helping out and attending events.

Make tomorrow, today, start now!

As an athlete there are certain things you will need to optimise your performance. The VSC has everything you need on site In our Pro Shop. We stock equipment, apparel, and supplements so you can be ready for training and to maximize recovery, so you can become the best version of yourself. If you are looking for fun,  variety, community, measurable workouts and a great facility to train at, then come say hi to our team. We would love to meet you.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals



‘Coach’ Scott Hook
‘Coach’ Scott HookCoach
  • Cert 3 and 4, CF-L2
  • Level 1 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning
  • Certificate in Bodybuilding and Competition Prep
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Sports Performance
  • Biosignature (hormone and skin fold analysis) – Practitioner Level 2
I’ve had 13 years fitness industry experience from Membership sales and management in big multi-facility gyms, owning and operating my own personal training business, working with Les Mills as a trainer and presenter since 2008 in group fitness and now operating as a CrossFit coach since 2015.

Favourite sport? Duh… CrossFit

Favourite Type of workout? Chippers with high skill and high intensity

What motivates you to keep working out?Being a better version of myself

Madison Pilsworth
Madison PilsworthCF-L1 Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1
I just become a first time mum to my baby boy Laikynn John and love being apart of this fantastic community! I found CrossFit 4 years ago after spending a lot of my career doing Les Mills classes and training in the gym but have enjoyed the challenges it constantly bring me in my training enough that i deciding becoming an owner of a gym would be a great idea, haha.

Favourite sport? CrossFit of course and drinking wine on the down low

Favourite Type of workout? Anything where barbells are involved… Except deadlifts!

What motivates you to keep working out? Well… i had to take 3 months off at the back end of my pregnancy… and another 3 months after giving birth. so after 6 months of not being able to train i don’t want to do that again… I love this place to much for that!

Grant - But everyone calls me Gradsy
Grant - But everyone calls me GradsyCoach, Grom Strong Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Certificate III Fitness Instructor
  • Certificate IV Personal Trainer
  • Provide First Aid/CPR
Growing up as a surfer, staying fit has always been important to stay confident in the water. I have tried heaps of different things like running, swimming, boxing, and gym workouts but never really found the one that worked and I loved. A mate who owned a CrossFit box kept telling me to try and after moving home from a stint in the northwest I got my first taste, and never looked back.

My Wife and colleague Suze has always been a PT, and her desire to help others achieve the most out of their lives by embracing a healthy lifestyle is what inspired me to head on the same path. We now have two gorgeous kids and spend our time between the beach and CrossFit, and are lucky enough to be part of VSC with some of our best friends. Couldn’t think of a better example to set for our kids.

Favourite sport? Surfing and CrossFit

Favourite Type of workout? Chippers and Light Metcons

What motivates you to keep working out? Being fit enough to surf when I want….. plus I love the challenge of chasing down the younger fellas.

Susan Adams
Susan AdamsCoach, Nutrition Coach
  • Cert 4 Personal Trainer
  • Diploma in Sports Massage
  • Nutrition Coach
  • Life Coach
I have been a practicing Personal trainer and masseuse for 12 years.  During this time, I have been lucky enough to have traveled the world doing what I love. I started CrossFit 2 years ago, Grads made me do it! And I got hooked pretty much straight away. Its something we share together, I love the intensity of a hard wod, and I have never been stronger or fitter. It was our dream to have a gym and now we are part owner in a CrossFit Box. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and the community we are about to build.

Favourite sport? CrossFit and running. Yoga when time allows.

Favourite Type of workout? Anything with a rest period, may it be 30 seconds or 3 mins, not because I’m lazy!! But it means I can compose myself to go hard in the next round!

What motivates you to keep working out? That feeling when you’re lying on the floor post WOD! And to see the progress I’ve made in 2 years.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals